Monday, November 29, 2010

"My first print"

1.) The desks are in focus and part of the background isn't.
b.) Its probably not in focus because I might have forgot to change it.

2.) There is a lot of black and white in the photo but not many colors.

3.) Yes, there are actions in this photo because you can see that the students are giving their homework tho their teacher. There are a lot of teen's working and studying.

4.) There is one little dot in the girls head, maybe because she had something in her hair or I messed it up.

5.) There are no print rings anywhere.

6.) My pictures are safely in there folder as all photos should be.

The students are working on there work and they are passing it to their teacher, and her name is Jasmine.
The students are in there class at the end of the hallway in the second floor.
This happened about last 6 weeks.
They are doing this because they want to learn and this is what all students should be doing.

1st sentence:
The picture is mostly about this girl who is giving her work to her teacher, because shes probably done, and she probably did it at the beginning of class and she probably done this in a class that's very quiet. 

2nd sentence:
The picture is mostly looking at the girl and her background looks like she only wants to work and doesn't like to talk and there is no situation and the background is like there is nothing to talk about.

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