Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Photo Manipulation and ethics"

A.The main points in the story was that in Los Angeles Times a staff photographer Brian Walski was fired- ironically- on April 1, 2003. Lebanese photographer Adnan Haji submitted at least two digitally- manipulated images to Reuters during the 2006 Lebanon War. During the same conflict, Issam Kobeisi made two images to Reuters and Hussein Malla submitted one to AP of a woman wailing in front of a bombed house.
B.  In one of the photo's that I've seen on the websites is unethical because there was a woman in her knees but in the copie, there were background changes but they didn't look great as the first one.

A. I think this is unethical because look at the photo, The guys hand doesn't look real and the heads are to big. The Daily News isn't great at making great photos.

B. I think this is the least unethical because nothing has changed but the woman's teeth. everything has more color and the woman looks older than the guy next to her.

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