Monday, November 1, 2010

"The American Soldier"

A.The most powerful picture in the slide show was the guy hiding in the shadows with his gun but he look's as if he wasn't happy.

B.The most powerful sequence in the slide show was when all the rookies get yelled at and some rookies look like there crying.

C.All of the images in the slide show tell us what it is like to be in the army and how hard life can be in the future.

A.)Ian usually does most of the work like he has to program the proper frequencies into a hand-held radio.

B.)In the captions of the photos  we can barely see Ian because he is mostly surrounded by walls and the light is only hitting him on his other side where we can't see.

Ian Fisher-is a guy who is in the army, he uses weapons because he needs them in Iraq in Dec. 5. Ian is having a hard time in Iraq because of how Iraq looks; everything looks broken and nearly deserted, and the houses look like no one lives in them.

A.) The videos make the pictures more interesting and they make it a great story about being in the army.
B.) Videos are better because it makes it more fun to look.
C.) Some photos are better to look at than looking at videos because it won't hurt your eyes and you can take them anywhere you want.

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