Friday, October 15, 2010

"Funny Captions"

Look at this baby, it looks like it doesn't like the camera because baby kind of hate the flash of a camera. In the background we can see nothing but the baby probably like to play in the dark or it just doesn't like to be near the dark.

Look at the woman surrounded by birds is doing, it looks like she had a bad day looks as if she is outside a restaurant, what a baby, and she's crying more than that baby in the photo in the top (^o^). In the background we can see that she probably wanted to go for a walk around town but she sees all those birds and we can see that she hates those birds or maybe she is just afraid.

This dog looks as if it wants to go but its wearing pants, but it looks like its having a fun time.In the background the dog could probably be walking to the park or downtown in Austin for a dog show, probably its just looking around. (^-^).

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