Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Academics Preview"

"The Story"
The story in here look's like there was a crime scene and teenager's think they got what it takes to solve this mystery. In here it looks like this girl is looking at the skeleton for some reason as if there is something not right about the body.

'Action and Emotion"
This girl is crying for some reason, maybe its because she need help because she is dirty and that man might be helping the girl by making her happy and by helping her . She might be crying tears of joy and the man might feel great for what he is doing.

"Filling the Frame"
The frame is filled by this person doing an experiment with that thing that looks like clay and that looks interesting to watch, and this helps us learn. This guy looks like he's concentrating in this experiment maybe because he wants to research it and the frame helps because its concentrating in the person.

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