Friday, November 5, 2010

"Processing Black and White Photos"

1.) Materials:Sheet of photo paper, water.
2.) Chemicals: Fixer/Hypo, Clearing Agent, Stop Bath
3.)First your gonna need the chemicals for this project. You need the fixer, the clearing agent, and the stop bath and most importantly a stop watch. You will need to take out the film in the dark room and put it on the fixer for approximately 30 seconds. You will need to put the film on the clearing agent for 2 minutes and the put the film on the stop bath for approximately 1 minute.
4.)Equipment to process film

5.)Chemical equipment

Photographic words:
1.)Contact Sheet: Is a photographic image produced from film, sometimes from a film negative; sometimes from a film positive.
2.)Agitation: Putting into motion by shaking or stirring.
3.)Enlarger: Prints from film or glass negatives using the gelatin-silver process, or transparencies.
4.)Developer: Plates or papers, the photographic developer (or just developer) is a chemical that makes the latent image on the film or print visible. 
5.) Stop Bath: Plates, and paper used after the material has finished developing. The purpose of the stop bath is to halt the development of the film, plate, or paper by either washing off the developing chemical or neutralizing it.
6.) Fixer: A chemical used in the final step in the photographic processing of film or paper.

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