Friday, December 3, 2010

"Abandoned theme park"

1.) I want to go to the Greenland old amusement park because there are a lot of roller coasters. The place is usually foggy, and it has a really cool view of the whole place. I also want to go there because they say that the place is haunted, but I'm not afraid of no ghost. The last reason why I want to go there, is that I want to see the rides because they say that the place had to many casualties and I want to know if I can find anything there.

Here's a picture of an abandoned roller coaster.

2.) The photographer's should go to South Korea, because there are rides that are creepy and there are some with face's that feel like their eye's are going to follow you.
The other place photographer's should go is, Prypiat, Ukraine because there are to many rides and they make you feel that your the last person in the world.
Photographer's should go check Niigata, Japan because the rides look like animals and its creepy because there are bones of dead animals.
The photographer's should go to Kyushu, Japan because their amusement park has a lot of dummies and they look like dead people.
The last place photographer's should go is the Nara dreamland, in Nara, Japan, because it look's so cool because it look's like a town filled with cool places to go but it just look's like a ghost town, but it still look's soo cool to go.

4.)A person named Kyle Merriman is documenting Nara dreamland.

5.) People should document Nara dreamland because it look's a lot like Disney World.  This place inspired Disney land to make it what it is today. Nara Dreamland was selling weird food to people but people don't actually go there anymore. The place has a parking lot that look deserted forever. If i was there, I would take photo's of everything, especially the castle. The whole place is making me want to take picture's now.

6.) If i want to go take photo's there, I would have to buy plane tickets, food, and equipment because it's gonna cost me a lot just to go there, but I don't want to waste a lot of money, and its not worth it.

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