Tuesday, January 4, 2011

" Welcome back"

1.) My favorite photos:
I like this photo because it looks like water is coming down from the center and it looks like it is the end of the world. It also look's like a tornado forming and it look's really cool.

I like this photo because it look's like the cloud is going to devour everything and it look's like its going to spread across the world. I wish I was their to see it.

I like this photo because it look's like a zombie has come from the underworld, and it look's cool because it look's like it can walk on water.

2.) Prompt:

1.  Linkin Park is the best because of their new song and they got a lot of fan's because of it. Their song " Waiting for the end" has made a lot of hits. People are deciding to buy more song's from the band and they are making even more money. Linkin park is now the best song to a lot of people.

2. Cop out was considered the best movie because it was really funny of what the guy's did in the scenes. People had already seen this movie and they think its still funny. I think this movie is hilarious and its my favorite 2010 movie. A lot of people agree with me and they also considered this movie to be their favorite.

3. Snow and more snow characterized the winter of 2010 and the start of the next. An almost-full moon shines on new fallen snow near Sinking Creek along Rt. 42 in Craig. Some people think this is important for next year. I think its important because it say's that it could get colder in 2011, and people hate the cold and a lot of people think its important.

4. Lady gaga was considered the most important person. On a list, Lady Gaga was considered number one but it does not say why. Lady gaga has made good song's and that is one reason someone would pick her to be number 1. I would not pick her as number one, but people had already decided.

5. The biggest sport of all is Football. and the biggest story is-- North Hall boys basketball reaches first-ever Final Four: The Trojans won their first region title since 1991 and soared into their first-ever Final Four in Macon.

My holiday:
1. The thing I will remember is being with my family and i got my first 1 hundred dollar bill ever.

2. In 2011 I want to work hard and do better than what am I doing now.

3. I am expecting the new Nintendo 3DS this year in 2011. 

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