Thursday, January 6, 2011

" Portraits and self-portrait tips and ideas"

1.) Great tips:
- Think about your motivation and emotions: Blankly staring at the camera rarely gets good results. Be silly, don’t be afraid to over-act. The worst that can happen is that you fill up your memory card with useless photos; but you might also find yourself with a proper gold-nugget of a self portrait.
- Use a tripod. Seriously. While it’s possible to get good photos while you’re hanging on to your camera at arms-length, it’s a lot easier if you’ve got the freedom to move around a bit.
- Have fun with it. Be sexy. Be yourself. Be awesome. Be different. Be creative. Whatever you do, have fun with it. That’s part of the point, after all.

2.) Portrait's:
Environmental Portraits: 
The photo is showing us a fly standing in a flower. I picked this photo because it looks funny and the fly looks like a bee searching for pollen. The other reason why I picked this photo because is that it doesn't show anything like technology and its full of nature.

I picked this photo because everything looks quiet and calm. The grass and trees are all green and the water looks clean except the man standing in it.

Photography self-portrait:

I like this self-portrait because I like how everything is black and white then the guy shows his superman logo with colors, and that's the reason why I picked this photo.

The reason why I picked this photo is that it looks really cool how he has a picture of a gun and another picture with blood to make it look realistic. It looks funny to me but I think some people may disagree.

Casual Portrait:

I like this portrait because the background make the little boy look like he's running really fast. The background make the little boy look like the most important thing in the photo.

I like this photo because the couple who are walking in the beach had left there footprints that look like we can technically walk in the photo ourselves.

3.) My plan's:

I plan on studying more photojournalism so I can get better. Once I do I want to do self-portraits on people who like to be happy or smile like my friends. I will probably take shots here in school or downtown Austin. I will use the rules of photojournalism to make my photos better than they used to be. I also plan on taking black and white photos because I think they look great.

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