Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Cover History"

Cover Types:
1.) Early Magazine Cover: There were almost always paintings. There were religious, and they were ethical
2.) The Poster Cover: One big picture and no border. The subject is clear. The text does not distract the photo. The picture has to be recognizable.
Disadvantages: The photo doesn't help the magazine, and 0 entry points. Its a risk to do this cover.
3.) Pictures Married to Type: The words don't interact with the subject, and the words don't cover the subject with words. The words and the picture go together.
Disadvantages: You don't know what's inside. There aren't many entry points.
4.) In the Forest of Words: Lots of colors, different sizes, and different fonts. There covered with words.
Disadvantages: Too much to look at, they go over board, and it covers most of the photo.

Stuff you find on a magazine cover:
-Name of the magazine
-Price tag
-Bar code

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