Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Sport/Action more details"

Name of photographer: Alyssa Schukar
General focus of portfolio: Eating disorder
Problems judges note with portfolio: pictures of distance past, people should be doing something, and all the photos are the same.
2 things the judges like: the background, and the shadows.
I think that these photos are great because the photographer has a talent of what kind of photos she should take. I like the photo where the photographer uses viewpoint to take a photo of people in the streets in the dark on the roof. There isn't anything I don't like about the photos.

What did the judges note as strength:creativeness, and good composition.
What you see as strengths and weaknesses: it has good composition and the weakness would be the photos were too photoshop.

What process did the judges went through in deciding the winner: whether the photos are strong, the overall stories, and lighting.

Part 2

A photo that you agree with the judges: I agree that the backgrounds look great and how the angle it is.
Describe one photo that you do NOT agree with the judges on. Explain why you think the judges are wrong.

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