Friday, March 25, 2011

"Interviewing skills"

Assignment #1
Topic: School Uniforms:
I would interview the principal of the schools and ask them the same questions.

1.) Why are you making kids wear uniforms?
2.) Won't the school lose money for the uniforms?
3.) Have you ever thought that the kids would think this is good?
4.) Have you even asked the students if they want to wear uniforms?
5.) Who ordered that the kids should wear uniforms?
6.) Are you trying to make money by selling uniforms?
7.) Will the students wear anything with color?
8.) Do you think that students would fight so they can wear whatever they want?
9.) Will you make students wear shorts or pants?
10.) Are you gonna make students wear collar shirts or jackets?
11.) Is there anything else are you gonna change about the school?
12.) Do you think parents would agree with you?
13.) Are you okay with all of this?
14.) Will this happen in every school the district owns?
15.) Is the district in charge with the changes?
16.) Will teachers need to have some kind of uniform?
17.) What are the consequences if the students refuses to wear the uniforms?
18.) What if students are allergic to the uniform? Do they still have to wear it?
19.) Will students be able to wear jewelry with their uniforms?
20.) Are the uniforms flammable?

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