Friday, September 17, 2010

Composition 9/11 Photos

 In this photo we can all see that there is a plane heading for that building in front of it. This is the center of attention that people are gonna see and remembering it for a long time.

"The Rule of Thirds"

In this photo we can see that the background is destroyed. It can probably be the huge dust cloud that looks like a tornado that might have caused the destruction. In this photo,  people look like they can walk straight into the photo and out.

In this photo you can see a person falling. You can see that it also looks like the person is going up instead of going down or that he's going down instead of going up.

In this photo there used to be a building with balance. Now in this photo you can see that that the building has lost its balance and has now been corrupted.

In this photo you can see that everything has been destroyed but the flag. But in the center of this photo you can see that the destroyed building looks like a hand with its body under the ruble.

 "Avoiding Mergers"
 In this photo you can see that those two buildings are away from each other. But both of those buildings are on fire but the building on the left looks more taller than the other.

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