Friday, April 8, 2011

"African reactions"

1.) On your blog post your reactions to the power point:
The photo's were sad but the photo's were really interesting with all those animals in it.
2.) What was your favorite photo? Describe it and tell me why its your favorite:
My favorite photo was the one where all the elephants are in separate lines with their kids.
3.) Look up the photographer:

a.     What kind of camera did he use?
A film camera.

b.     What is his reason for taking the photos?
He  wants to take photos of animals of their natural lives.

c.     What is his hope by taking these types of photos?
To capture the beauty of Africa.  
d.     Find something he has to say about Africa and post the quote on your blog
“African wildlife has never looked so regal and mysterious as in Brandt’s grave photographs. His elephants appear as weighty as the pyramids. His rhinos look more ancient than carbon. His apes know something we don’t. Given the multitude of human disasters in Africa, is it an indulgence to lose yourself in pictures that carry no hint of the wars and famines outside the frame? Not when the pictures are such powerful reminders that Africa is also a magnificent—and endangered—treasure house of animal life.”

Find one of his photos that you really like and post it on your blog.
This is a photo that I like.



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